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The project report includes Present Market Position and Expected Future Demand, Market Size, Statistics, Trends, SWOT Analysis and Forecasts. Report provides a comprehensive analysis from industry covering detailed reporting and evaluates the position of the industry by providing insights to the SWOT analysis of the industry. Click Here to submit your query.

This report gives you access to decisive data such as:
  • Market growth drivers
  • Factors limiting market growth
  • Current market trends
  • Market structure
  • Key highlights
About Report:

[CODE NO 1561]

By  the application of heat and chemical agents followed  by intense mechanical working to ground vulcanized scrap or worn out rubber  tires,  tubes and waste rubber  articles,  a  substantial regeneration  on  devulcanisation of the rubber compound  to  its original  plastic state is effected, thus permitting the  product to be compounded, processed and revulcanised.  There are  several types  of  rubber  powder made in different ways.   They  may  be lightly  vulcanized  and may contain  appreciable  quantities  of anti-agglomerating  agents  to prevent massing on  storage.   The trend  now-a-days is towards automation in production  of  rubber goods  during handling, mixing and processing.  The powder  forms of  rubber is very easy to be handled.  The advantages of  powder processing  have  been  recognized  and  include  (a)  rapid  and inexpensive  mixing  ;  (b)  flexibility  in  compounding. Powder handling  equipments  are used in plastics industry  also;  hence those  equipments  can be utilised for  compounding  of  powdered rubber  before actual processing ; thus integration  of  the  two industries can be done without much extra capital outlay.


  •         Introduction
  •         Uses and Applications
  •         Properties
  •         Market Survey with future aspects
  •         Present Manufacturers
  •         B.I.S. Specifications
  •         Manufacturing Process with Formulae
  •        Cost Economics with Profitability Analysis
  •         Capacity
  •         Land & Building Requirements with Rates
  •         List & Details of Plant and Machinery with their Costs
  •         Raw Materials
  •         Details/List and Costs
  •         Power & Water Requirements
  •         Labour/Staff Requirements
  •         Utilities and Overheads
  •         Total Capital Investment
  •         Turnover
  •         Cost of Production
  •         Break Even Point
  •         Profitability
  •         Land Man Ratio
  •         Suppliers of Plant & Machineries and Raw Materials.
Overview of key market forces propelling and restraining market growth:
  • Up-to-date analyses of market trends and technological improvements
  • Pin-point analyses of market competition dynamics to offer you a competitive edge major competitors
  • An array of graphics, BEP analysis of major industry segments
  • Detailed analyses of industry trends
  • A well-defined technological growth with an impact-analysis
  • A clear understanding of the competitive landscape and key product segments

The report also points out the latest trends in the Worldwide market and the various opportunities to grow in the near future. The report takes help of various analytical tools to predict the market growth of the market during the forecast period.

Each report include Plant Capacity, requirement of Land & Building, Plant & Machinery, Flow Sheet Diagram, Raw Materials detail with suppliers list, Total Capital Investment along with detailed calculation on Rate of Return, Break-Even Analysis and Profitability Analysis. The report also provides a bird's eye view of the global industry with details on projected market size and then progresses to evaluate the industry in detail

About EIRI Board:
EIRI Board is a single destination for all the industry, company and country reports. We feature large repository of latest industry reports, leading and niche company profiles, and market statistics prepared by highly qualified consultants and verified by a panel of experts.

Note: We can also prepare project report on any subject based on your requirement and country. If you need, we can modify the project capacity and project cost based on your requirement.

Our reports provide an expansive market analysis of the sector by covering areas like growth drivers, trends prevailing in the industry as well as comprehensive SWOT analysis of the sector.

Why buy EIRI reports?
  • Our project reports include detailed analysis that help to get industry Present Market Position and Expected Future Demand.
  • Offer real analysis driving variables for the business and most recent business sector patterns in the business
  • This report comprehends the present status of the business by clarifying a complete SWOT examination and investigation of the interest supply circumstance
  • Report gives investigation and top to bottom money related correlation of real players/competitors
  • The report gives gauges of key parameters which foresees the business execution
Our Approach:
  • Our research reports comprehensively cover Indian markets (can be modified as per your country), present investigation, standpoint and gauge for a time of five years*.
  • The market conjectures are produced on the premise of optional research and are cross-accepted through associations with the business players
  • We use dependable wellsprings of data and databases. What's more, data from such sources is handled by us and incorporated into the report

Additional information

Plant Capacity

10.00 MT/Day

Land and Building

Area 2000 sq.mtrs. Rs. 2.73 Cr

Plant & Machinery

Rs. 1.95 Cr

Working Capital 3 Months

Rs. 1.56 Cr

Total Capital Investment

Rs. 6.55 Cr

Rate of Return


Break Even Point


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