The G.I. Wires are used in manufacturing Wire netting, Wire mesh, Fencing, Barbing, as well as other general applications. GI Wire and Binding wire have bright future scope. G I binding wires with zinc coating on it. They are majorly used for tying in lawns, garden, construction sites and also hardware. These are mainly used for binding wire fencing on poles and is also used in different industrial applications.

Full-form of GI wire is Galvanized Iron wire, which is mostly used for fencing of all purposes. Galvanization (the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron, to prevent rusting) has two types, one is electroplated galvanization and second is hot dip galvanization. hot dip GI wire has better corrosion resistance properties than electroplated GI wire.

Application Area
  • Poverhead transmission line
  • Guying of pole
  • Earthing of the overhead transmission line

It is extensively used in industries like automobile, electric/electronics, tools rooms and many more. We also provide galvanized wire to our esteemed customers according to their demand of size, weight and quality.

Galvanized Wire & Galvanized Metal Wire is designed to prevent rusting and gives shiny silver color. It is an extremely versatile wire, used by landscapers, craft makers, ribbon manufacturers, tag manufacturers, jewelers, contractors etc. It is perfect for beading and for use in displays and projects. It’s aversion to rust makes it extremely useful around the shipyard, in the backyard, or anywhere else.

Galvanized iron welded wire mesh is the most economic offering among our welded wire mesh products. Galvanized welded iron wire mesh is divided into electro galvanized welded wire mesh and hot-dipped galvanized welded wire mesh according to treatment.

Durable and long lasting galvanized steel wires are extensively used in making wire ropes and various types of springs. We offer clients all the different varieties of galvanized steel wires, which are mainly used for binding purposes in line applications.

These steel wires are manufactured out of zinc coated galvanized steel wires for earthing of power transmission line as well as guying and supporting of poles. It consists of three or more wires built up in concentric layers and are stranded together in a manner that when an evenly distributed pull is applied at the end of completed strand each wire takes an equal share of the pull.

Barbed Wire manufactured out of GI wires is one of the important and widely used applications. Barbed Wires are used for fencing of all purposes. It is highly protective, effective and durable material used for fencing. It is widely used for fencing of Rubber Plantations, Tea Plantations and also used for general purpose fencing of protected areas like Military Establishments, Airports, etc.

Application of binding wire

  1. Binding wire is used for binding reinforcement slabs, metal mesh processing, beams, walls, columns and so on. In particular, it is used in concrete construction. Binding wire shall provide a secure hold reinforcing bars of different diameters.
  2. When you need to install fences and barriers, binding wire is used for making ropes, cables, springs, nails and electrodes. Through a combination of flexibility and strength of binding wire bonding is indispensable for the various elements of structures, and strengthen ceilings.
  3. Used in various industries for packing finished products
  4. Binding wire used for hanging hops and vineyards, as it is a basic material for tapestries. Used for hanging vines binding wire diameters from 2.2 mm to 2.5 mm, and for the hop  with a diameter of 1 mm.
  5. Binding wire used for the production of welded wire mesh and for the manufacture of barbed wire. Barbed wire is made of knitting nets with a diameter of 1.4 mm – 2.8 mm.

The product range of steel wire manufacturers is being continuously widened. An indicative list of the various types of steel wires and wire products produced in India is given below:

  • Hard Bright Wire
  • Galvanised Wire
  • Ball Bearing Wire
  • Alloy Steel Wire
  • ACSR Core Wire
  • Cycle Spoke Wire
  • Lock Washer Wire
  • Sectional Wire
  • Tyre Bead Wire
  • Umbrella Rib Wire
  • Spring Steel Wire
  • Wire Nail
  • Card & Gill Pin Wire
  • Piano Wire
  • Electrode Wire
  • Stainless Steel Wire
  • Signal Wire
  • Cable Armouring Wire
  • Rivet Wire
  • Binding Wire
  • Bolt Wire
  • Needle Wire
  • Netting Wire
  • Barbed Wire
  • Pre-stressed concrete Wire & Strands
  • Stitching Wire
  • Telegraph & Telephone Wire
  • Upholstery Wire
  • Weldmesh Wire
  • Staple and Pin Wire
  • Panel Pin Wire
  • Roping Wire
  • Animal Shoe Nail Wire
  • Reed Wire
  • Screw and Nail Wire
  • Ring Traveller Wire
  • Cold Heading Quality Wire
  • Stay Wire
  • Hair Pin Wire
  • Heald Wire

EIRI have recently prepared Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on GALVANIZED IRON WIRE & BINDING WIRE with Cap: 80 Ton/day, land area 5000 Sq. Mtr having approx. cost of Land and Building Rs. 4.50 Cr., Cost of Plant and Equipments Rs. 3.37 Cr., Break Even Point 24%. A copy of the Project report may be obtained from or visit us at: May be consulted with Sudhir Gupta at +91 9811437895 for more details.

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