Mineral Water Processing (Unit Of 3000 Lit Cap with Added Minerals)

All living things need water. The Earth is full of water. Water is the most essential element, next to air, to our survival. Water makes up more than two thirds of the weight of the human body, and without it, we would die in a few days. Water is important to complete daily life and to maintain our body health. Bottled water is growing much faster than carbonated drinks in India, mirroring a global trend as consumers go off sugary beverages, said researcher Euromonitor. Packaged water grew 23-25% in year to March, more than twice the rate at which sodas grew.

Thirty years ago „packaged drinking water‟ barely existed. Nowadays the product forms an essential business by its stable and still growing market – locally and globally. Packaged drinking water can be described as any product, including natural spring or well water, taken from municipal or private utility systems or other water, distilled water or any of the foregoing to which chemicals may be added and which are put into sealed bottles, packages or other containers, to be sold for domestic consumption or culinary use. In 2013 the global packaged drinking water market is forecast to have a value of $94.2 billion, an increase of 41% since 2007. This increasing trend reveals that the product meets the demand of countless consumers. n the current year, bottled water sales in the US are forecast to topple soda sales in absolute terms for the first time. PepsiCo’s water business in the US grew by double digits in first quarter of 2016 while its carbonated soft-drink volume declined 2%, fuelled by health concerns.

In India, however, the tipping point may be some distance away. Sodas accounted for close to Rs 14,000 crore in sales in the year to 2016, while water was a Rs 3,000 crore market, internal industry sources estimated, adding that this excludes bulk packaged water. India’s top bottled water brands are Ramesh Chauhan’s Bisleri, PepsiCo’s Aquafina and Coca-Cola’s Kinley. Coca-Cola relaunched global water brand Bonaqua in May. Water is our lifeline that cleans and feeds us. In ancient cultures, water represented the very essence of life. The Romans were the first to pipe water into their growing cities, especially with their aqueducts. They also realized that sewage water could cause damage to people and needed to be removed from the living environment. Water has played a role not only in the history of countries, but also in religion, mythology, and art. Water in many religions is symbolised as a soul cleanser and known as holy water. For example, water at St.Lourdes, France is thought by many religions to be sacred with healing powers. It brought life to their people, but in drought, produced chaos. Water has always been perceived as a gift from the gods, as it rained from the heavens.

Mineral Water originally meant water from various natural springs which are thought to be having medicinal and curative value. These spring waters, although contain dissolved chemicals of medicinal properties, also contain harmful micro-organisms. Besides this the underground and surface water is also not potable due to hardness as well as due to presence of toxic substances and Bacteria. This re-quires suitable treatment and purification to make it safe and potable drinking water with long shelf life. The water is packed in suitable food grade packing generally in PVC or PET Bottles of differ¬ent capacities.

Mineral water is water from a mineral spring that contains various minerals, such as salts and sulfur compounds. Mineral water may be effervescent or “sparkling” due to contained gases.

The Most Popular Bottled Waters, Ranked
• smartwater. The story: The folks at Glacéau have their heads in the clouds. …
• Aquafina. …
• Dasani. …
• Evian. …
• Fiji Natural Artesian Water. …
• Nestle Pure Life. …
• Voss. …
• Mountain Valley Spring Water.

Traditionally, mineral waters were used or consumed at their spring sources, often referred to as “taking the waters” or “taking the cure,” at places such as spas, baths, or wells. The term spa was used for a place where the water was consumed and bathed in; bath where the water was used primarily for bathing, therapeutics, or recreation; and well where the water was to be consumed.

Today, it is far more common for mineral water to be bottled at the source for distributed consumption. Travelling to the mineral water site for direct access to the water is now uncommon, and in many cases not possible because of exclusive commercial ownership rights. There are more than 4,000 brands of mineral water commercially available worldwide.

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The more calcium and magnesium ions that are dissolved in water, the harder it is said to be; water with few dissolved calcium and magnesium ions is described as being soft.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration classifies mineral water as water containing at least 250 parts per million total dissolved solids (TDS), originating from a geologically and physically protected underground water source. No minerals may be added to this water. In many places, however, the term “mineral water” is colloquially used to mean any bottled carbonated water or soda water, as opposed to tap water.

EIRI, India have just prepared the Detailed Project Report of aforesaid industry and the following all the contents are part of the project report, The said report  contains Manufacturing Process, Market Scenario, Cost Economics also to start the own unit apart from the other relevant details, Entrepreneurs may contact: or Helpline: +91 9811437895 Mr. Gupta


Plant  Capacity                                               :       15000.00 LTRS/day
land & Building (1500                      :       Rs. 1.72  Cr
Plant & Machinery                                         :        Rs. 56.00 Lacs
Working Capital for 2 Months                     :        Rs. 60.70 Lacs
Total Capital Investment                              :        Rs. 3..06  Cr
Rate of Return                                               :        37%
Break Even Point                                          :        48%

Importance Of Water
Water Supplies And Other Impurities
Major Impurities In Water
Top Mineral Water Brands In India
B.I.S. Specification
Formulation Of Mineral Water
Properties Of Water
Properties Of Pet Bottles
Uses & Applications
Properties Of Bottle Grade Pet
Comparison Of Mineral Water With Packaged Drinking Water
Market Scenario Of Mineral Water In India
Mineral Water Business In India
Difference Between Brands Of Mineral Water
Mineral Content Of Common Brands Of Mineral Water
Opportunities Of Bottled Water In India
Market Survey
Installed Capacity, Production And
Capacity Utilization Of Mineral Water
Apparent Consumption Of Mineral Water
Estimated Demand
Demand Supply Gap
Global Market Position Of Bottled Water
Purifying And Treating Water
Sequences In Water Treatment
Reverse Osmosis Block
Post Treatment Section
Water Purification Process
Proposal And Scheme Of Treatment
Pre-Treatment Process
(Coagulation Of Suspended Impurities
And Sterlisation [Stage-I] By Oxidation)
Manufacturing Diagram
Bottle Filling & Sealing Unit
Manufacturing Process Of Pet Bottles
Comparison Between Single Stage
And Two Stage Process
Mineral Water Project Flow Diagram
Variety Of Packages
Details Of Laboratory Equipments
Suppliers Of Pet Bottles Making Machines
Suppliers Of Raw Materials For Pet Bottle
Suppliers Of Plant And Machinery
Consultant For Isi Consultancy,Laboratory Setup Services
With Water Testing Labs


1.      Cost Of Plant Economics
2.      Land & Building
3.      Plant And Machinery
4.      Fixed Capital Investment
5.      Raw Material
6.      Salary And Wages
7.      Utilities And Overheads
8.      Total Working Capital
9.      Cost Of Production
10.      Profitability Analysis
11.      Break Even Point
12.      Resources Of Finance
13.      Interest Chart
14.      Depreciation Chart
15.      Cash Flow Statement
16.      Projected Balance Sheet

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